Friday, July 30, 2010


Sang Kancil And The Crocodile

In ancient times the Kancil is the most intelligent animal in the forest. Many of the animals in the forest came to him to ask for help when they have a problem. Although he became the pedestal of animals in the woods, but he did not show an arrogant attitude even willing to help in the if-if the course.

One day Sang Kancil a walk in the woods in search of food. By kerana food around the area of residence has berkurangan The Kancil bercadang to seek outside his home region. The weather that day was very hot, causing the Kancil taste thirst kerana too long to walk, and then he tried to find a nearby river. After forest meredah finally met with a deer that is very clear river water. Without wasting time Sang Kancil continued to drink with your heart’s content. Cold water of these rivers have diminished thirst Sang Kancil.

Kancil continued to walk along the river bank, when he feels tired berehat briefly under a banyak tree which is rendang around the region. Kancil said in his heart “I must be patient if you want to get food lazat-lazat”. After missing kepenatannya, Sang Kancil along the river bank on it while eating his favorite dedaun located nearby. When arriving at a rather spacious area, Sang Kancil prominent orchards are ripe ripe across the river. “How enaknya if I can cross this river and enjoy the fruits” fikir Sang Kancil.

Sang Kancil kept thinking find a way how to cross the river in a very swift current again. Suddenly the distinguished The Crocodile Kacil was fun sunbathing on the river bank. It is the habit of the crocodile when he was a hot day like to get a light tan matahari.Tanpa longer procrastinate and hold up to the crocodile mouse deer are sunbathing and said “Hi sabahatku The Crocodile, apa khabar ye this day?” alligator who was busy enjoying the sun continues to open eyes and found the deer who had rebuked him “a good friend Khabar Sang Kancil” said the crocodile again “Does that cause you come here?” Sang Kancil replied “I am delighted to bring you khabar” hear the words of the Kacil, the crocodile can not wait to hear khabar brought by Sang Kancil and said “Tell me what do you want to convey”.

Kancil said “I was ordered by King Solomon in order to calculate the number of crocodiles found in the river kerana King Solomon wanted to give a gift to you all”. Just hearing the name of King Solomon is kerana menggerunkan all animals Solomon has given greatness by God to rule over all creatures on this earth. “Well, you wait here, I’m going down the river to kedasar all friends call me” said the Crocodile. Meanwhile, the Kancil was dreaming to enjoy the fruits.

Not long after all the crocodiles in the river bottom gathered at the river bank. Sang Kancil said “Hi vera sekelian, I have been instructed by the Prophet in order to calculate the number of Saulaiman you all kerana Solomon will give a special gift on this day”. Kancil said again “you Beraturlah starts than merentasi river side cliff to cliff side so there”.

By kerana orders are coming than all the crocodile Solomon arranged immediately without protest. Crocodile said was “Now count, we are willing to” Sang Kancil take a piece of wood that was there and then jump onto the first crocodile on the banks of the river and he was first calculated by calling “One two three curves, I beat a male female” as he knocked on the head vera so that prevail across the river deer. If there ditebing to keep deer jumped onto the river bank with a cheer of joy and said “Hi crocodiles and gentlemen, do you know WordPress I have deceived you all, and no prizes will be given by the Prophet Solomon”.

Hearing the words of the Kancil all crocodile taste angry and embarrassed because they have been deceived by deer. They swore and will not let go of the Kancil, if met in the future. Vera revenge that continues to burn today. Meanwhile, Sang Kancil kept jumping meniggalkan fun and keep these crocodiles and continue to eliminate themselves in an orchard to enjoy the fruits are ripe cooking it.
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